The ADA protects children with special needs, both inside of and outside of an educational setting. Children and parents with disabilities are entitled to an equal opportunity to receive services provided by these entities.Prohibited acts may include:

  • Excluding a child with special needs from child care, school, restaurants, etc.
  • Charging the parents of a child with special needs more.
  • Segregating children with special needs.
  • Failing to remove barriers that impact children with disabilities.
  • Refusing to accept a child with special needs because they have a service animal.
  • Refusing to give medication to a child with a disability.

Children and parents with disabilities who have experienced discrimination under the ADA can seek a change so that they can fully utilize a public facility.

Additionally, children and parents with disabilities may be able to recover damages if they have experienced discrimination by a government entity or, in some instances, on the basis of a state law that protects their rights. If you have questions about the rights of you or your child, you should speak with an attorney.

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