Bizer & DeReus focuses on providing access for all Americans, whether they encounter discrimination at a restaurant, shopping center, or even public sidewalks or buses. Over 30 years has gone by since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and yet we still have a long way to go to get full compliance for persons with disabilities.

Do you have a disability and have difficulty navigating public sidewalks due to the lack of curb-cuts and other obstructions? Do you have problems riding in city buses? Have you tried to access certain restaurants and shopping centers, but cannot because of the lack of disabled parking or ramps?

We are not afraid to take on the biggest violators of the ADA, nor are we too busy to fight for ADA compliance at your local shopping center. Additionally, you may be able to recover money damages for disability discrimination. However, there are time limits on how long you have to file a claim for discrimination. Failure to file a timely claim could result in waiver of your right to damages.

The ADA was passed to provide a national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. We are happy to speak with you about your legal rights in a free consultation.

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